Transcript Request

Transcript Request Procedures

Payap University International College (IC) does not maintain official transcripts for students. Former students needing official copies of Payap University transcripts and/or diplomas must contact the Payap University’s Office of the Registrar at or call 053-241-255 ext. 372.

The cost for this service is 150 Thai Baht per document. This means if you need your Payap University transcript and diploma (2 documents) you will have to pay 300 Thai Baht.

The Finance Department uses the daily exchange rate as posted by Bangkok Bank. The rates change daily. Please make sure you send enough money to cover the possible rate fluctuation, as well as any additional bank wire charges on the sending and receiving ends. As currency exchange rates vary, the amount sent may not precisely match the amount received. Money that is left over due to the exchange rate fluctuations will be retained by Payap University.

Bank Transfer Information:
Bank Name: Bangkok Bank, Sanpakoi Branch
Bank Account Name: Payap University
Bank Account Number: 253-066469-3
Swift Code: BKKBTHBK
Bank Address: 187-195 Charoen Muang Rd.
T. Wat Ket Muang District
Chiang Mai 50000 THAILAND
Bank Phone Number: 66-53-243-121

Students in the United States can also send their payments via Bangkok Bank New York utilizing the Federal Routing number (026008691) from their U.S. bank to the Payap University Bangkok Bank account (253-066469-3). The cost of the transfer is $5 and the conversion process is 200 baht. This information can also be found on Bangkok Bank’s website at:

Example of Costs: A student in the United States needs a transcript and diploma. If the student was standing at the registrar’s office the cost would be 300 baht. Since the student is in the U.S., they choose to use Bangkok Bank New York to transfer enough U.S. dollars to equal 300 baht. The student calculates the exchange rate according to Bangkok Bank’s website
( On April 18th, 2013, $1 = 29.01Thai baht. The student calculates 300 baht will cost approximately $10.34 (300 THB/29.01). The student sends U.S. dollars from their bank in the U.S. to Bangkok Bank New York. The student’s bank charges a transfer rate of $10 (only an example). Bangkok Bank New York will send the $10.34 via SWIFT to Payap University’s bank account (253-066469-3). The transfer cost from Bangkok Bank New York is $5. The conversion rate is 200 baht or $5.12 (200/29.01). The total amount needed to pay for the transcripts is:

  • Transcripts Cost: $10.34
  • U.S. Bank to BKK Bank Cost: $10
  • SWIFT transfer to Payap’s Bank account costs: $5
  • Convert U.S. Dollars to Thai Baht (200 THB) costs: $5.12
  • Total Costs $30.46

It would be advisable to send $35 to cover exchange rate fluctuations. This is an example of how to calculate transfer costs and it may not apply in all cases.

After transferring the money, students should send a copy of the receipt of wire transfer to Payap’s Office of the Registrar via e-mail to: Once the Office of the Registrar receives the confirmation of wire transfer, they will verify with the Head of the Finance Office to determine the actual amount transferred.