Payap University Presents:

International Open SumoBot Competition

Date: 19 November 2016 – weigh-in 12:30pm วันเสาร์ที่ 19 พฤศจิกายน 2559

Location: Payap University Pentecost building, Mae Khao Campus

2 competition classes:

  • Mega SumoBot Auto
  • Gladiator SumoBot RC

Competition Results:



SumoBot Competition 2016 Group Photo – click to enlarge

Autonomous SumoBot Match - click to enlarge

Autonomous SumoBot Match – click to enlarge

Autonomous SumoBot Match - click to enlarge

Autonomous SumoBot Match – click to enlarge

Competition Summary:

Mega SumoBot Auto Gladiator SumoBot RC
Max width: 20.0 cm Max width: 40.0 cm
Max length: 20.0 cm Max length: 40.0 cm
Height: unlimited (see detailed rules) Max height: 40.0 cm
Weight: max. 2.5kg Weight:max. 4kg
Weapons: Strictly Prohibited Weapons: Restricted (see detailed rules)
Robot control: Autonomous (software controlled) Robot control: Radio controlled (2.4GHz spread spectrum or controller with at least 2 channel settings)
Ring Diameter: 154.0 cm Ring Diameter: 300.0cm
Length of Event: 3 x 1 minute rounds Length of Event: Single round totaling 3 minutes

1 point when the opposing robot is the first to touch the space outside the ring.

No flipping allowed.


1 point when the opposing robot is the first to touch the space outside the ring.

1 point for lifting, pinning or flipping the opposing robot.


  • Mega SumoBot Auto Winner
  • Gladiator SumBot RC Winner
  • Best Dressed Robot
  • Best Robot Name
  • Recycle-Bot (incorporating recycled material)


What is Mega SumoBot?bots2


Two robots compete in a head-to-head match following the basic system of traditional human sumo matches. Robots are not allowed weapons, and are not allowed to actively flip each other. The sole purpose is a pushing match between the two robots to force the other from the arena. During the Payap Competition these robots must be fully autonomous (see notes below).


What is Gladiator SumoBot?bots1

Two robots compete in a head-to-head match following the basics of wrestling. In addition to a pushing match, the robots are allowed restricted weapons to enable lifting, pinning or flipping of the opposing robot. During the Payap Competition these robots must be remote controlled by human operators.



Detailed Rules:


At the start of each round, SumoBots must not exceed a specified width and length. This is measured using a box of the correct dimension that must completely cover the SumoBot.

There is no height limit to Mega SumoBot. The lack of a height limit is important to some builders, as they may stack up electronics, motors, and other parts that wouldn’t otherwise fit.

The lack of a height limit combined with the ability to change orientation during a round provides for creative opportunities. Crafty inventors build tall scoops on top of their robots. The robots then fall down to become longer than would be initially allowed.

All SumoBots must start in the measured orientation and can only change orientation under their own power once the contest has started.


At all times, robot behaviour must be non-destructive and non-harmful to humans, robots, and the facilities. Gladiator SumoBot weapons are for lifting, pinning or flipping the opposing robot and should not be designed to specifically cause damage.

Some damage may occur from scoops and rams during the competition. This is expected and acceptable to any reasonable extent.

A robot’s design should be sufficient to survive the expected pushing, shoving, and physical rigors of competition.  A weak robot will be allowed to compete at its own risk.

At all times, SumoBots must not:

  • Emit smoke or fire
  • Leak, stain, or soil
  • Disperse powder, grit, or grime
  • Spray, throw, or use projectiles
  • Jam, shock, or electromagnetically interfere
  • Snare, entangle, or employ nets/rope
  • Increase downward force by using suction, magnets or sticky wheels

Sticky wheels will be tested by placing the SumoBot on an A4 sheet of paper. If the paper sticks to the robot when it is lifted then it has “sticky wheels” and will not be allowed to compete.

Bad Idea Rule: If, during the design of your robot, you think that something would be a bad idea, then just don’t do it.

Ring Dimensions

Mega SumoBot: Ring Diameter 154.0 cm

Gladiator SumoBot: Ring Diameter 300.0cm




Mega SumoBot: Weapons are strictly prohibited however scoops, rams and pusher arms are allowed as long as they are not independently powered. Read the dimension rule.

Gladiator SumoBot: Weapons are restricted to any device that enables lifting, pinning or flipping of the opposing robot. These may be powered but must follow the behaviour rules and are not designed to specifically cause damage. Scoops, rams, pushers, grabbers, flippers, claws, arms are all acceptable.

Weapons that are not allowed include:

  • Blades, points or sharpened edges
  • Spinning drums or circular saws
  • Any arm or scoop that can rotate more than 180 degrees
  • Hammers or crushing devices
  • Projectiles
  • Any device that shocks or electromagnetically interferes
  • Nets or rope that entangle
  • Smaller detachable robot

These rules are for the safety of the teams during building and the competition. Designing Battlebots is potentially hazardous and should not be undertaken for this competition.

Tournament Rules

Depending on the number of entries the competition may be structured with double-elimination, group heats or round robin.  This will be determined closer to the date.

All vehicles, must, at the beginning of each round, be capable of movement.


Upon the referee’s instructions, the two teams approach the ring and place a robot within their half of the ring on or behind the starting line.  Note that it is not required that a robot be placed directly behind the line; it may be offset to the side. When the referee announces the start of the round, the teams start their robots, and after a five second countdown the robots may start operating. During these five seconds, players must clear out of the ring area.

Software controlled autonomous Sumobots must be fitted with a 5 second delay start button. Once the button is pressed the Sumobots can only start moving after 5 seconds.

Stop, Resume

The match stops and resumes when a referee announces so. The timer will be stopped when the match is stopped. When the timer reaches the time limit the match will end.


The match ends when the referee announces so. The two teams retrieve the robots from the ring area.


The referee has the final word to award points for pushing out of the ring and for lifting, pinning and flipping.

Rematch conditions

The match shall be stopped and a rematch started under the following conditions:

  • The robots are entangled or orbiting each other with no perceivable progress for five seconds. If it is unclear whether progress is being made or not, the judge can extend the time limit for observable progress for up to 30 seconds.
  • Both robots move, without making progress, or stop (at the exact same time) and stay stopped for five seconds without touching each other. If both robots are moving and it isn’t clear if progress is being made or not, the judge can extend the time limit up to 30 seconds.
  • If both robots touch the outside of the ring at about the same time, and it cannot be determined which touched first, a rematch is called.


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