Student Life

Student Life

Students come from all provinces in Thailand, as well as roughly 30 foreign countries. 95% of the students are Buddhist, 4% are Christian, and 1% are Muslim. 58% of the student body graduated from private high schools, 42% from public high schools.

International Students

Payap has a truly international student body, with nearly 30 countries represented including the United States, China, Myanmar, France, Germany, Mexico, Japan, Pakistan, India, and of course, Thailand, just to name a few. These students share one thing in common in that they must have strong English proficiency in order to perform in our English-speaking Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs. Non-native English speaking students find that their English skills improve immensely during their studies at Payap due to the constant exposure to spoken and written English.


In the year 2006, Payap University opened a brand new international dormitory, built specifically to provide international students with safe, clean, and comfortable living quarters. Our policy is to include Thai students as co-occupants to assists international students with acclimating to the new culture. The dormitory, named the Paradornparp International House (PIH), is located on the east end of the campus, within walking distance of the main campus. The rooms are fully furnished with private bath (double occupancy), phone/internet access, air conditioning, and 24-hour security. The PIH also has a restaurant, laundry facility, computer room, and convenience store.

On-campus residence halls are also available for nursing and theology students. Other students live primarily in privately owned student residence halls located near the Mae Khao Campus. The university is in the process of building a new dormitory specifically for incoming female Thai students. The new women’s dormitory project, to be completed in 2009, is expected to house nearly 900 students and is a part of the master plan to create a living, thriving residential community within the Payap campus. A future sports and recreation complex, as well as an Arts and Culture Center, are also in the works. Alcohol is not and will not be permitted anywhere on campus.


Payap has an active student-run Student Council that organizes entertainment, cultural events, special seminars, community service, and sports. There are myriad special clubs, including an international outdoor club, academic clubs, sports clubs, and special interest clubs. The student-elected members of the Student Council are responsible for organizing student activities and overseeing student clubs. Field trips to surrounding townships and provinces are common as Northern Thailand offers a plethora of dazzling sites to see and experience.


Payap has soccer fields, basketball courts, volleyball, rugby, softball, badminton, table tennis, petanque, and takraw. Students play on intramural department teams. Payap is planning a major sports and recreational complex in the coming years to provide students with the facilities to engage in non-academic activities.


Health care is provided through McCormick Hospital. Psychological counseling, drug counseling, and AIDS counseling are available through the Student Development Office and the Chaplain’s Office. Vocational counseling and seminars, and job placement information are also available through the Student Development Office. There is also a military training option that serves in place of military draft. Payap has an alumni center that publishes the alumni newsletter.