Logo and Symbol


Payap University strives to adhere to its motto “Truth and Service” by instilling academic and moral excellence in its students, to create understanding through the living truth and an attitude of service to all.

payap_logo_explainedStudents of Payap University must learn self-development, acquire knowledge, exhibit wisdom, and think creatively. They are expected to develop the capacity for excellence, along with a strong sense of social responsibility towards others and society in general.


Boonnak (Ceylon Iron Wood) is among the most beautiful trees in the world.


Payap chose the Boonnak to be the symbol of Payap University for the following reasons:

  1. The color of Boonnak flowers is pure white, which represents virtue and purity.
  2. Boonnak flowers have a pleasant, lingering fragrance, which represents refinement, dignity, and a service-minded reputation.
  3. Boonnak flowers resemble a parasol, which protects from the elements and impurities.
  4. Boonnak trunks can be used as medicine, which represents the capacity to provide aid and assistance to those who are in need.
  5. Boonnak is very hard to cultivate, hence, it requires good care; this represents the challenge of educating society’s youth to reach their full potential.