Linguistics Workshop: “Doing language perception experiments”

Linguistics Workshop: “Doing language perception experiments”

linguistics24. Mar. 2015

Workshop: “Doing language perception experiments” by Dr. James Gruber
presented by the Linguistics Department, Payap University

March 24 & 27 1:00pm – 4:00pm Room 214 Pentecost Bldg, MaeKhao Campus, Payap University

Listening seems to occur without effort, but the successful comprehension of an utterance involves several steps: the segmentation of continuous speech, the categorical assignment of speech sounds, the activation and then recognition of lexical items, and at last, comprehension.

In this workshop, we will cover each of these operations and the experimental methods that have been used to test them.

We will also explore the ways that psycholinguistic experiments can offer insights into linguistic structure, with an emphasis on perceptual experiments of tone. Attendees will gain understanding of how linguistic patterns influence the way people listen and vice versa, in addition to fundamental aspects of experimental design in linguistics.

The workshop sessions will be divided between lecture and hands-on practice with a break between them. Hands-on tutorials in Praat and experiment presentation software will cover how to create, resynthesize, and present stimuli. If you want to participate in the hands-on practice, bring your computer.

Please RSVP to by Monday at 3:00pm if you wish to attend this workshop.