Lifelong Learning Program at Payap University

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About Lifelong Learning

• Who We Are

We are lifelong expats, local experts and community leaders, professors and researchers, and retired academics and professionals. We want to continue to learn and to share our knowledge and experience with you and to enhance your personal, social and community inclusion in Chiang Mai.

• What We Believe

The Payap Lifelong Learning Program is founded on the belief that people of all ages have the capacity to learn, discover, and explore. No one is too old to learn. Learning in an international community stimulates discussion, deepens understanding, builds multi-cultural friendships, and enhances quality of life.

• What We Offer

The Payap Lifelong Learning Program provides high quality educational opportunities including academic non-credit short courses, lectures, faculty-led study excursions, and discussions.
Subjects include:

  • Arts and humanities
  • Environment
  • History (emphasis on northern Thailand)
  • Philosophy and Religion
  • Technology
  • Thai culture
  • Wellness