Language Enhancement Center

Language Enhancement Center

LEC at the Mae Khao Campus 2nd Floor

LEC is located at the Mae Khao Campus 2nd Floor Library Building

The Language Enhancement Center is the starting point for many students to access Payap University programs and learn English or Thai language from beginner level to academic standard.

LEC is the Language Enhancement Center at Payap University where we teach languages to adults and children in order to help them communicate with people around the world. The LEC strives to be the first choice in people’s mind when they think about learning a second language.

The LEC premier language classes are the Intensive English Program and the world famous Intensive Thai Program.

Department Website:

Language Instruction:

Duration: Single Semester Programs

Location: Payap University, Language Enhancement Center, Mae Khao campus, Chiang Mai, Thailand |

Faculty: Native English-speaking TESOL Instructors & Qualified Thai Language Instructors

Visa: Full-time student visa available (for duration of study at a minimum of 120 hours)

Contact LEC:

To apply for the Intensive English or Intensive Thai Program course visit the Language Enhancement Center website.

Location of the Language Enhancement Center

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