Peace Studies Faculty

Suchart Setthamalinee (PhD, Sociology)

Head, Department of Peace Studies

Research interests: Cultural Dimension of Peacebuilding; Violence and Peacebuilding in Islam

Somboon Panyakom (PhD, Social Science)

Research interests: Social Entrepreneurship

Mark Tamthai (PhD, Philosophy of Science)

Research interests: Philosophy of Peacebuilding and Reconciliation; Dialogue and Mediation; Religiousness and Peacebuilding

Tony Waters (PhD, Sociology)

Research interests: Social Theory; Refugees and Refugee camps; Theories of Peace and War; Southeast Asia; East Africa; Social Change; NGOs and Development

Dr. Le Ngoc Bich Ly (PhD, Inter-religious Studies)

Research interests: Religious philosophy; Gender issues in religions; Interfaith dialogue and peacebuilding.