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PYU Working Papers in Linguistics

The PYU Working Papers in Linguistics are papers that show work in progress by the faculty and students of the Payap University Linguistics Department. The focus of these papers is on applied linguistics and data oriented papers, though others related to linguistics will also appear.

Copyrights for the papers included in these working papers rest with the individual authors.

Electronic publishing of these working papers began in 2009. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to read the papers. The electronic volumes are listed below. Paper copies of the electronic volumes will, in most cases, no longer be printed. Printed copies of Volumes 1 and 3 are still available. Permission is hereby granted to make copies of any article or volume for nonprofit use, as long as they are not modified and full publication information is retained in each copy.

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Working Papers Volume 6.2 – Papers on Particles

  • Forward View/Download PDF
  • TAM markers in Sani Yi View/Download PDF
    Ritva Lehonkoski
    SIL International, East Asia Group
  • Plenty of Post-Verbal Particles in the Nuosu Yi Clause View/Download PDF
    Susan Walters
    SIL International, East Asia Group
  • Directional Particles in Kam View/Download PDF
    Karin Zeibig
    SIL International, East Asia Group
  • Burmese Particles as Boundary Marking Units of Text View/Download PDF
    Paulette Hopple
    SIL International and Payap University Linguistics Institute
  • The Origin and Functions of a New Particle: the Mangghuer hearsay evidential gelang View/Download PDF
    Keith W. Slater, SIL International East Asia Group
    Wang Sen (王森), Lanzhou University
  • The RRG Framework as a Helpful Tool for Analyzing Particles in Languages with Multi-verb Constructions View/Download PDF
    Karin Zeibig
    SIL International, East Asia Group
  • What is a particle? On the use and abuse of the term particle in East and Southeast Asian languages. View/Download PDF
    Keith W. Slater
    SIL International, East Asia Group

Working Papers Volume 6

  • Twenty Functional Categories Compared Between Thai and Lue View/Download PDF
    William J. Hanna

Working Papers Volume 5