Certificate Courses

Linguistics Certificate Courses

For information about EthnoArts courses at Payap University, please visit the Training Unit at the Linguistics Institute.

Application Form

Applications should be submitted at least 7 weeks before a course start date, along with a copy of your passport.

Please email the Certificate Course application form to the Linguistics Department Program Coordinator at pyulingasst@gmail.com. For finance information or any questions, please also contact the Linguistics Department Program Coordinator.

Certificate in Foundational Linguistics

The Linguistics Department offers certificate courses in articulatory phonetics, phonology and grammar. These courses are designed to give participants the foundational tools in linguistic analysis. For participants wishing to enroll in the M.A. program in Linguistics at Payap University, the courses meet the prerequisite requirement.

The fee for the Certificate in Foundational Linguistics is 2,500 THB per course which covers tuition and in-class materials.