International MBA

International MBA

About the MBA Program

If your future goal is to start your own business, there is no better way to prepare yourself for the many business areas you will need to master to become a successful business person. In just two years, you will become well versed in all business areas, able to analyze business issues in a whole new way.

At Payap University you don’t just learn business from text books. We are continuously building contacts with a diverse group of businesses in Chiang Mai as a way for our students to gain hands-on practical experience by interacting with these business owners and leaders.

The MBA department also sponsors an ongoing series of lectures from business leaders who are from various disciplines and from many countries to enrich the learning experience of our students and provide them with the opportunity to build future business contacts and create opportunities.


With the increased interest by the Thai Government in promoting international trade and the resultant increased interest and activities of the northern Thailand business community, there will be a need for qualified national and international managers. Payap University believes that graduate business education must keep up with the changes in the world, both in the international scene and in Thailand. Because of the new global business environment, students must increase their knowledge in a way that only MBA studies will provide in order to be competitive. In addition, Payap University is in a unique position to provide an MBA program to prepare business graduate students to meet the challenges and demands of management in the new global environment.


As a professional degree, the MBA will prepare you for an increasingly global business environment and will provide you with a large choice of career options in addition to benefiting your existing career. You will learn marketing, organizational management, finance, and business strategy from an Asian perspective, and you will do this all in the English language.


  1. Create a MBA graduate program in international business that is consistent with both the Payap University’s Motto of “Truth and Service” and the Thai Government’s National Education Plan.
  2. Provide future international business managers with current managerial practices, modern international business operating methods, and the skills for applying technical decision making tools to real international business challenges.
  3. Provide the Payap University International Business MBA students with an integrated set of business English language courses that will maximize their effectiveness when communicating in the global business environment.
  4. Provide a positive learning environment where students can develop qualities such as creativity, imagination, ethics, values, character, judgment, positive attitudes, and initiative that are needed to function as a leader and manager in a complex modern global business organization.