Application Requirements for M.Div. International Students

  1. If in any way possible, McGilvary will try to arrange an interview in the country of the applicant by a representative of McGilvary.
  2. Students must have emotional maturity and clarity of educational purpose. Therefore you have to hand in a letter describing yourself and your background: a short history of your life, faith and a description of your career, your motivation for coming to study at McGilvary, and your vision for what you are going to with your M.Div. Degree.
  3. Students must have completed an undergraduate degree (B.A. or its equivalent) from an accredited or government-recognized institution. Therefore you have to hand in transcripts from all post secondary schools attended, translated if not in English or Thai.
  4. Students must have completed their baccalaureate with no less than a 2.50 (C+) grade point average.
  5. Students must show an official result of the TOEFL (or IELTS) or the Payap English test.
  6. Students must have high moral character and a good standing in the church. Therefore you have to hand in recommendation letters from church and/or Christian institutions.
  7. Students must have good physical and mental health. Therefore you need to hand in a completed medical form.
  8. You must hand in a completed Housing Request Form.
  9. You must pay an application fee of 1,000 Baht if living in Thailand, or 2,000 Baht if living outside of Thailand.
  10. If requesting Scholarship/Financial Aid, please attach a separate sheet of paper explaining your financial situation, including documents to verify the need (copies of bank account statements, etc).
  11. Please hand in 2 passport-size pictures in addition to the photograph attached to the application form.
  12. Please turn in a photocopy of your home registration for Thai citizen or passport data pages for non-Thai citizen. Original documents must be presented later for verification.

Contact the International Programs Admission staff for more information on how to apply to the MDiv.

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