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International Master Of Divinity

The McGilvary College of Divinity, formerly the McGilvary Faculty of Theology, exists to prepare ministers for the Church of Christ in Thailand and other Christian churches who are capable of moral leadership in Asian societies.

You can visit the McGilvary College of Divinity’s Thai language website at www.mcd.in.th

Note: The College of Divinity is conducting a thorough evaluation of its International Master of Divinity program. This process will take some time. Therefore, we will not be accepting new students during the 2016-2020 Academic Years. We expect to begin accepting new students in the 2021 Academic Year.


McGilvary College of Divinity was established in 1889 as a Bible School for the elders. Later it was developed into a college, preparing young people to serve God, mainly for the local churches of the Church of Christ in Thailand and the Thai society.

In 1974, the Church of Christ in Thailand consented with the Thailand Theological Seminary and the McCormick School of Nursing and Midwifery to establish Payap College. Afterwards, in 1979, the Thailand Theological Seminary was fully integrated into Payap College, known as McGilvary Faculty of Theology.

In 1989, the new seminary building was constructed replacing the old one and the opening ceremony was held on February 1, 1992.

In 2006, McGilvary Faculty of Theology was approved by the Payap University’s Board of Trustee to raise its status to the “McGilvary College of Divinity”. With this new status, the College will have greater freedom in devising programs at large to serve the Kingdom of God even more in Thailand and Southeast Asia.

At the present time, the McGilvary College of Divinity fulfills the original purpose of its creation for the Church and answers current social and educational needs with programs leading to Bachelor and Master degrees in theology, philosophy and comparative religions. The Association for Theological Education in Southeast Asia (ATESEA) accredits the latter two programs. Dr. Satanun Boonyakiat is currently serving as Dean and the Rev. William J. Yoder is Dean Emeritus.


The McGilvary College of Divinity is a significant theological institution committed to developing people for God’s mission in local churches, church districts, church departments, schools and hospitals of the Church of Christ in Thailand, in Thai Society and the wider area of Southeast Asia.


  1. To provide students with an academically sound theological training, nurturing them in faith and developing them for leadership in the Church of Christ in Thailand and beyond.
  2. To engage students in theological training that is both academic and practical, in order that they may be well qualified and equipped to serve the local churches, church districts, church departments and institutions of the Church of Christ in Thailand and the wider area of South-East Asia capably and faithfully.
  3. To develop and encourage theological education within the Church of Christ in Thailand and beyond

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