International Campus Life

International Campus Life (ICL)

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As part of the Office of International Affairs, the vision of International Campus Life (ICL) is to enhance and support international life for students, staff, and faculty at Payap University. As Payap continues to diversify with students and staff from over 25 countries, ICL plays a key role in the design and delivery of programs for intercultural understanding, community building, and the development of a positive sense of belonging to Payap University.

Research shows that co-curricula play an important role in the development and support of students and staff in university settings. ICL provides resources, programs, and support systems to promote the holistic development of the Thai and international communities at Payap University.

Everything done in International Campus Life works to promote Payap University’s Characteristics for Ideal Graduates:

  1. Ethical Hearts
  2. Society’s Servants
  3. Academic Leadership
  4. Develop International Competence

ICL collaborates with key offices and departments across the university to ensure continued growth and enhancement of internationalization at Payap. ICL utilizes Payap’s international programs greatest asset – our diversity – in the development of effective, creative, and innovative programs, events, and activities with goal to create a positive living, working and study environment at Payap University.

Most importantly, the vision of International Campus Life seeks to embody, support, and realize Payap’s Five Core Principles for Ministry:

  1. Transformation Toward Authentic Peace
  2. Build Trust Through Truth
  3. Service Through Vocation
  4. Delight in Diversity and Global Awareness
  5. Faithful Stewardship (Oversight)

Mission Statement

The third clause of the Payap University Mission Statement states, “Students of Payap University must learn self-development, acquire knowledge, exhibit wisdom, and think creatively. They must develop a capacity for excellence, grow in social responsibility, and work together effectively.” International Campus Life plays a key role in fulfilling this aspect of the Payap University mission.

International Campus Life’s mission is to provide co-curricular programming dedicated to the personal and professional development of Payap University’s international community. ICL seeks to enhance the campus experience by focusing on student, faculty, and staff quality of life, personal development, and intercultural abilities. Programs, events, and activities foster and support opportunities for student involvement, leadership, community building, and creativity to enrich the overall Payap experience.


  • Student-centered programming
  • Community development and nurturing strong relationships
  • Celebrating and learning from Payap’s diversity
  • Providing personalized and holistic programming to enhance the campus experience

ICL Programs

International Campus Life provides programming in three focal areas.

  1. Campus Experience
    • Organize extra and co-curricular activities, events, and projects aimed at strengthening a sense of community and improving campus life for staff and students.
    • Provide and support student-centered and student-led programming with purpose to establish and nurture a sense of community as well as enhance the campus experience.
  2. Professional Development
    • Provide workshops on resume and cover letter writing, interview skills, etc for current students.
    • Offer Thai language classes for all new international staff as part of orientation program.
    • Develop student leaders through involvement with the  International Student Union and other clubs in the ownership and leadership of organizing activities and projects.
  3. Intercultural Understanding
    • Plan and offer workshops, activities, and projects to facilitate intercultural and diversity awareness.
    • Organize programming to celebrate and promote Payap University’s diverse community.

International Campus Life programming includes (but is not limited to):

  • New international staff and student orientation programs
  • International Student Union (ISU) Leadership Training
  • Annual Amazing Race
  • Freshy Quest and Senior Quest Camps
  • Annual International Day
  • Community Outreach Day
  • Professional Development Seminar
  • “Payap’s Got Talent”
  • Byenior
  • Baccalaureate Ceremony