Institute of Religion, Culture and Peace

Institute of Religion, Culture and Peace

The Institute of Religion, Culture and Peace (formerly called the Institute for the Study of Religion and Culture) was established at Payap University in 1996. The Institute’s primary goals are to foster increased mutual appreciation and cooperation among the world’s different religious communities, thus contributing to greater inter-religious and intra-religious understanding among all people everywhere, and to undertake and develop new ways to carry out peacemaking and peacebuilding efforts in Thailand, the ASEAN region, and throughout the world.

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PhD in Peacebuilding

In 2009, the IRCP launched a PhD in Peacebuilding that was the first PhD program offered at Payap University. Students came from all over the world to study and many of them continue to press on toward their goal of completing their dissertations and deeper understanding of the cultural and sociological issues as well as inter-religious and intra-religious issues affecting the peace process in some of the most challenging places and situations in the world.

Payap is excited is excited to relaunch the PhD in Peacebuilding with the next round of students beginning their courses in August 2016. Though the Peace Studies program is now located within the International College, the IRCP continues to work in harmony with the PhD in Peacebuilding.

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MA in Peace Studies

An MA in Peace Studies is scheduled to begin in August 2017. More details to come.

Short Courses in Peace Studies

The IRCP has hosted many different courses in peace studies, some on campus in Chiang Mai and others on location around Thailand and Southeast Asia.
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