Important Visa Information for Foreign Staff and Students

Important Visa Information

The Office of Internationalization has been informed that students and staff applying for visa extensions, new visas and 90 day reporting MUST have an original “TM30 Receipt of Notification” with their passport.

Not sure what this looks like?  Here is an example:

The Receipt of Notification is from the TM30 form that is submitted by your landlord or place of residence.
If you do not have this receipt of notification please contact the owner of your house/residence as it is their responsibility to notify the immigration office of the “residence where alien has stayed”.

We strongly encourage you to get this BEFORE your next trip to immigration as any delay with visa extensions and 90 day reporting may result in a fine.

The TM30 form can be downloaded from the immigration website here:

For more details contact your advisor or visit Khun Ning in Room PC115