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SEASC Website

At the Southeast Asian Study Center, you will find great opportunities to study the cultural life of Thailand and Southeast Asia in the classroom and also in the community and surrounding countryside. Expert lecturers share the history, economics, language, social structure and culture, religious life, and artistic spirit in the classroom and students also spend time living life alongside villagers, exploring historical ruins and walking the streets of Chiang Mai. Programs range from 1-3 weeks to full semester long study opportunities.

About the Southeast Asian Studies Center (SEASC)

SEASC offers study programs focusing on three main areas:

  • Human rights and politics
  • Economic development and business
  • Cultures and societies of Southeast Asia

As ASEAN develops, it is vital to understand each culture as this will grant insight into how ASEAN functions as a whole. We offer a particular focus on the mainland Southeast Asian countries of Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.

SEASC Programs

Semester Courses:

SEASC offers Semester courses that follow a structure of classroom based teaching and extensive excursions that focus on both local and national cultural experiences.

Short Courses/Special Programs:

SEASC offers short courses (1-3 weeks in duration) and special programs that are tailored to your institution and academic requirements.  This includes language requirements, service learning and cultural exchanges.