Intensive English

Intensive English Program

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Language Enhancement Center available soon

Language: English i) Elementary ii) Intermediate iii) Advanced

Duration: Single Semester Programs

Location: Payap University, Language Enhancement Center, Mae Khao campus, Chiang Mai, Thailand |

Faculty: Native English-speaking TESOL Instructors

Visa:  Full-time student visa available (for duration of study)

Course Summary:

The Intensive English Program is ideal for students who want to study a university course in English.

An intensive 180-hour course which gives you a great chance to become a lot better at English.

There are three levels, elementary, intermediate and advanced, and it takes one semester to complete each level. Students who complete the advanced level will have learned the skills they need to successfully study in English at university level.

A TOEFL, IELTS or Payap Proficiency Test score and/or an oral interview are used to work out the applicant’s English level in order to place the student at the most beneficial level of instruction. Students are expected to attend all classes in which they are placed.


To apply for the Intensive English Program course visit the Language Enhancement Center available soon.