Certificate Programs

Certificate Programs

The following Certificate programs are available in Chiang Mai at Payap University Mae Khao campus. These programs allow for student visa status (depending on the length of study – conditions apply, see the individual programs for more details).

Intensive English Program

Available at Payap’s well known and established Language Enhancement Centre (LEC).

An intensive 180-hour course which gives you a great chance to improve your English. Ideal for students who want to study a university course in English. There are three levels, elementary, intermediate and advanced, and it takes one semester to complete each level. Students who complete the advanced level will have learned the skills they need to successfully study in English at university level (more information about Intensive English).

Intensive Thai Language

Available at Payap’s well known and established Language Enhancement Centre (LEC). This is one of the most popular and respected Thai language courses for foreigners in Chiang Mai (external link).

These study programs are for non-native speakers of Thai and are offered in module format. They range from Thai 1 (Beginner – basic listening and speaking) through to Thai 8 (Thai for academic and literacy) – more information about Intensive Thai.

Linguistics Certificate Courses

The Linguistics Department at Payap University offers five certificate courses. These are foundational courses for both students wishing to enroll in the MA program and field workers who plan to apply linguistics in a new cultural setting.

  • Certificate in Cultural Anthropology
  • Certificate in Foundational Linguistics
  • Language and Culture Acquisition
  • Basic Principles of Ethnomusicology and Arts
  • Advanced Certificates in Ethnomusicology and Arts

More details of these certificate courses can be seen on the Linguistics Department website.

TESOL Certificate

TESOL – Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages certificate course.

Teacher training for both native and nonnative speakers. The TESOL Certificate is an internationally recognized qualification for teachers of English.

A four-week intensive TESOL Certificate courses for English teachers. The Certificate in TESOL is a program designed for graduates with near-native proficiency in English who want to begin a teaching career. It is taught entirely in English, and provides the basic training for teaching English as a non-native language.

This course covers the structure of spoken and written texts in English, contemporary approaches to language teaching and evaluation, and classroom practice (more information about TESOL).

Southeast Asian Studies

The Southeast Asian Studies Center (SEASC) offers study programs focusing on three main areas: human rights and politics, economic development and business, and the cultures and societies of Southeast Asia.
The Southeast Asian Studies Center (SEASC) offers Semester programs and special immersive programs for overseas students and visiting colleges.
For more details visit the Southeast Asian Studies Center (SEASC) website.

Foundation Studies Program

A Certificate earned in Payap University’s Foundation Studies program enables students to reach the level of study required to succeed at the undergraduate level of Payap’s International College (IC).

Successful completion of the program will enable students to enter and excel in the first year of their chosen Bachelor’s Degree at Payap University’s International College (more information about Foundation Studies).

Thai Language, Culture, and Ethics Training

Designed to understand Thai society and professional ethics in order to teach effectively. This course was designed to prepare all prospective foreign teachers with the requisite knowledge to pass the test to be fully qualified to teach in Thailand.
Upon successful completion of this course, all teachers will be awarded a Certificate of Completion endorsed by the Teachers Council of Thailand (more information about Thai Culture & Ethics Training).