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Apply Now

Download Application Files:

Contact Admissions

Ms. Chanitra Worayingyong
Admission Coordinator for international program

From Thailand 053-241-255 Ext: 7263
From abroad: +66 53-241-255 Ext: 7263


1. Apply in Person

You may visit us to pick up the application forms or download the forms and print them out. Hand in the completed application forms to the admissions office, Pentecost building (room PC101), at the main (Mae Khao) campus (see Map).

2. Apply by Post

Send your completed application forms to the admissions office by registered mail.

Mail to:
Admissions Office
Payap University International College
Pentecost Building, Room PC101
Chiang Mai 50000

Payment Details

Transfer your application fee and deposit fee via i) online payment or  ii) bank transfer.

i) For online payment click this link to visit the International College online payment portal.


Click here to pay online

ii)  For Bank Transfer use the following account details:

Bank Name:
Bangkok Bank, Sanpakoi Branch
Bank Account Name:
Payap University
Bank Account Number:
Swift Code:
Bank Address:
187-195 Charoen Muang Rd.
T. Wat Ket Muang District
Chiang Mai 50000 THAILAND
Bank Phone Number:

After transferring the money, please scan a receipt of wire transfer and send to email: Once the Admissions Office receives the confirmation of wire transfer, Admissions will then check with the Head of the Finance Office at to determine the actual amount transferred. Keep in mind bank wire charges, both on the sending and receiving ends may vary as do the currency exchange rates, so the amount sent may not precisely match the amount received.