Vets @ Payap

Vets @ Payap

vets_at_payap20. Nov. 2015

Payap University vets celebrated Veterans Day 2015 here in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Payap typically has over a dozen vets studying in its International College in any given semester. The Payap International College includes 4 undergraduate and 4 graduate programs, catering to a wide range of interests. Veterans find that their Post 9/11 GI Bill can go much further in Chiang Mai, where the cost of living is quite low. Dependents of veterans can also study at Payap utilizing their Ch. 35 eligibility.

Click here to learn more about the VA program at Payap University.

View photos of the event here.

Payap Speech Club presents

Payap Speech Club presents…

payap_speech_club08. Oct. 2015

The Payap University Speech Club—a student group affiliated with the English Communication program of the Payap International College—is hosting an evening of expression titled “X-POSURE.” This event will allow students, faculty, and guests alike an opportunity to express themselves candidly in unique and creative ways. Come join in the fun!

Date/time: 8 October, 2015/5:30 pm
Place: Pentecost Building, room PC201
Tickets: 50 bt for adults/20 bt for children 12 & under
(Note: All proceeds will go towards supporting the Payap Speech Club)

For more information, please e-mail: or visit

5th International University Sports Day

International University Sports Day 2015

International_Uni_sports_day02 Sept. 2015

Tommorrow (Friday 4 sept) 5th Annual International University Sports Day (6 Chiang Mai Universities) hosted by Payap International College – Starts at lunch time. Fun and games + food!
Sign up at ISU (ground floor of PC/graduate building) or just turn up and support your college!

Beethoven’s Double Five Concert

Payap Concert

29. Aug. 2015

The Chiang Mai Youth Philharmonic Band and Symphony Orchestra Foundation presents the Chiang Mai Symphony OrchesBeethhoven_Double Five Concerttra performing Beethoven’s Double Five Concert. The concert features the music of the great composer, including Egmont Overture, Piano Concerto No. 5 “the Emperor,” and Symphony No. 5 “the Fate.”

Date/time: 29 August, 2015/7:30 pm
Place: Kad Suan Kaew Theatre
Tickets: 1,000, 700, 500, and 150 bt (for students only)
Please call 053-224-444 (ext. 19008) for reservations.

Lee University at Payap

Lee Univ@Payap

news_channel_22521. May. 2015

Students and faculty from Lee University, Cleveland, Tennessee, USA, paid Payap a visit on Wednesday, 20 May, 2015. Their group was led by long time Thailand resident and expert, Dr. Jo Ann Higginbotham, Professor of Education and Trip Director, and Dr. Pamela Browning, Professor of Education and Chair of the department (Early Childhood, Elementary, and Special Education). The students were mostly studying in the education discipline and were visiting Thailand for the first time. Upon meeting the President, the students and faculty did a short campus tour. They then attended lectures by Mr. Mark Hefner (ASEAN/AEC) and Aj. Wutthichula Khunpatwattana on Sufficiency Economy. The Lee University students and faculty were then treated to a buffet lunch at the PIH.

25th Annual Meeting SEALS

Southeast Asian Linguistics Society (SEALS)

news_channel_22620. May. 2015

The 25th Annual Meeting of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society (SEALS) will be held on the Mae Khao campus of Payap University in Chiang Mai, Thailand from May 27-29, 2015.
The SEALS conference focuses on the languages and linguistics of Southeast Asia, including the Austroasiatic, Austronesian, Hmong-Mien, Tibeto-Burman and Tai-Kadai language families and provides an occasion for scholars to share their research.

Linguistics Workshop: “Doing language perception experiments”

Linguistics Workshop: “Doing language perception experiments”

linguistics24. Mar. 2015

Workshop: “Doing language perception experiments” by Dr. James Gruber
presented by the Linguistics Department, Payap University

March 24 & 27 1:00pm – 4:00pm Room 214 Pentecost Bldg, MaeKhao Campus, Payap University

Listening seems to occur without effort, but the successful comprehension of an utterance involves several steps: the segmentation of continuous speech, the categorical assignment of speech sounds, the activation and then recognition of lexical items, and at last, comprehension.

In this workshop, we will cover each of these operations and the experimental methods that have been used to test them.

We will also explore the ways that psycholinguistic experiments can offer insights into linguistic structure, with an emphasis on perceptual experiments of tone. Attendees will gain understanding of how linguistic patterns influence the way people listen and vice versa, in addition to fundamental aspects of experimental design in linguistics.

The workshop sessions will be divided between lecture and hands-on practice with a break between them. Hands-on tutorials in Praat and experiment presentation software will cover how to create, resynthesize, and present stimuli. If you want to participate in the hands-on practice, bring your computer.

Please RSVP to by Monday at 3:00pm if you wish to attend this workshop.

Spacewar! IT Seminar

Spacewar! IT Seminar

SpaceWar!, being played on the Computer History Museum's restored PDP-1

SpaceWar!, being played on the Computer History Museum’s restored PDP-1

02. Feb. 2015

Seminar 12-1pm Thursday 12th February in PC420
Dan Edwards was a student studying Artificial Intelligence at MIT in the early 1960’s when he helped write what many consider to be the first “video” game: Spacewar! Dan will be speaking at Payap on Thursday the 12th of February from 12-1pm in room PC420 (4th floor of the Pentecost Building) about the early days of computing and gaming at MIT.

On the day we will have the original code running on a PDP-1 emulator with some “vintage” game controllers so you can come and try your hand at Spacewar!